Born on the eve of Independence Day of 1893, Riverside Golf Club is one of America's oldest golf clubs and is rich in history and tradition. On July 3rd 1893, Mr. William A. Havemeyer, a resident of Riverside (and relative of the first U.S.G.A President), brought together twenty-two Riverside citizens and formed the Riverside Golf Club.

Originally founded on a plot of land in the village of Riverside, Riverside Golf began as a three hole golf course at the intersection of Nuttall and Long Common Roads. In 1893, Riverside Golf Club leased a parcel of land at the corner of 1st Avenue and 26th Street where it established a nine hole golf course entirely on the west side of the Des Plaines River. Today Riverside exists on the same original parcel of land it obtained over 100 years ago, making RGC the oldest club existing on its original plat of land west of the Allegheny Mountains.