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Seventeenth Hole
Sixteenth Hole
Fourteenth Hole
Twelfth Hole
Eleventh Hole
Eighth Hole
Sixth Hole
Fifth Hole
Fourth Hole
Second Hole
First Hole
Fifteenth Hole
Tenth Hole
Ninth Hole
Eighteenth Hole
Thirteenth Hole
Seventh Hole
Third Hole
  • Seventeenth Hole

    This scenic tee shot must favor the center of the fairway to allow a clear view of the green for the approach shot. Club selection is essential in order to navigate the green through the two willow trees that border the pond that fronts this two tiered green.

  • Sixteenth Hole

    Uphill tee shot should be played left center on this slight dogleg right hole. Distance is everything to small severely sloping green from back to front and left to right. Be conservative on the approach shot left and over the green is trouble.

  • Fourteenth Hole

    Narrow fairway flanked by trees down both sides of the fairway. Middle of the fairway middle of the green and two putts is a good score here. This green can accept run up shots.

  • Twelfth Hole

    A tee shot favoring the right center of the fairway will offer the best look at this green which sits above a large mouth bunker. A premium is placed on accurate club selection to this very small green. Take care on approach when pin hangs over the bunker.

  • Eleventh Hole

    This challenging par four is one of the more difficult holes on the back nine. The tee shot should favor the center of the fairway in order to avoid the fairway bunkers. Aim your approach shot for the left center of the green as any missed shots to the right will leave you a very demanding up and down.

  • Eighth Hole

    Accuracy is essential to this short par four. The tee shot should favor the right center of the fairway to avoid the hazard down the left side. Distance control is important on the second shot, to this very shallow green

  • Sixth Hole

    Not much margin for error on this relatively short par four. A well placed tee shot to the right center of the fairway will open up the 2nd shot to a long but narrow green.

  • Fifth Hole

    The beginning of "Browning's Corner". The ideal drive is just over the left edge of the large bunker down the right side. The green is divided by a ridge that runs across the middle of the green.

  • Fourth Hole

    After the first three holes the 4th offers a bit of a breather; favor the left center of the fairway off the tee, which will leave you a mid to short iron into a small green. Beware of a shot short and right which will surely roll off the green.

  • Second Hole

    Favor the left center of the fairway in order to avoid the tree lined right side. A large green severely sloped from back to front awaits the second shot. Beware of going past the pin when it is positioned on the front of the green.

  • First Hole

    The opening hole demands a well-struck tee shot favoring the left center of the fairway. The second shot should favor the right side of the green to avoid the bunker placed in front of the green

  • Fifteenth Hole

    This short par five presents risk and reward options. Hug left of fairway for chance to go for the green. Conservative second shot will leave a mid to short iron into two tiered green. Beware going past the pin when it is positioned on the top tier.

  • Tenth Hole

    The longest hole on the course may be reachable for some players, but they will be throwing caution to the wind in doing so. A good drive short of the fairway bunker and a fairway wood should leave a mid to short iron into the green for a birdie try.

  • Ninth Hole

    The tee shot should be played towards the center of the fairway to allow going for this relatively short par five in two. Approach shots missed left or long will make for a difficult up and down. This green is sloped severely from back to front.

  • Eighteenth Hole

    This par three is deceptive the wide green and unpredictable winds will require proper club selection. A ridge runs through the right side that will kick balls toward the center of the green. A shot that comes up short will surely roll down the hill leaving a very difficult up and down.

  • Thirteenth Hole

    Beautiful, long difficult par three. Hole location can mean three clubs difference off tee into deep severely slope green from back to front. Back left hole locations particularly difficult with large bunker short left.

  • Seventh Hole

    The green's shallowness on the left side places a premium on accurate club selection. A shot hit into the back left bunker makes making par very difficult.

  • Third Hole

    A difficult par three for any player. The narrow green places a premium on a well placed tee shot, if anything favor the front portion of the green, since up and downs are easier from the front of the green versus behind it.