1. The dining rooms will be open for service on the days and at the hours posted and as published in the Club calendars. Regular lunches and dinners will be served daily except Mondays (other than holidays). Dining facilities may be closed, or hours modified due to Club events, picnics, and at the discretion of the Food and Beverage Director. Members will be notified of these closings.
  2. No food shall be served or take-out meals ordered from the dining rooms, except during the posted dining hours.
  3. No food or alcoholic beverages of any kind from any and all sources outside the Club shall be brought into the club without the prior approval of the Food and Beverage Director.
  4. Requests for table locations will be accepted, subject to limitations of space, in the order in which they are received.
  5. Children's portions will be served to children 10 years or under on all items so designated on the menus.
  6. Reservations for all dining and events are requested. Some special club events may require advance reservations due to space limitations.
  7. Children are allowed in the Grill Room for food service only.
  8. The Club's Dress Code as published is enforced in all the Club's dining facilities.
  9. Children under age 16 are not permitted in the men’s or women’s 19th hole lounges from April 1st through October 1st.

Clubhouse Dress Code

Casual Member Dining Areas, Patios, Cocktail Lounge, Ballroom during Informal occasions - Styles appropriate for dress on the golf course are acceptable. The following are prohibited: shorts and skirts less than 4 inches above the knee, tank tops, tennis wear, swimming attire, cut offs, active-wear or fitness attire, t-shirts and bare feet. Shoes must be worn in all areas of the clubhouse including the patios. Hats and caps are not to be worn in any second floor dining room or lounge. Appropriate golf head-wear is permitted only in the lower level dining areas, patios and locker rooms, and must be worn with the bill facing forward. Denim pants are permitted and must be worn in a style fitting to a private country club standard. Denim must be in good taste, neat and not have holes or a distressed/tattered appearance, and should be worn with a proper shirt or sweater and shoes. Denim material shirts and skirts are acceptable attire.

Persons not meeting the Clubhouse Dress Code will be asked to comply.

Riverside Room - Country Casual Club attire unless specified by the event announcement. Ladies should wear corresponding attire.

General Areas - Standards befitting a private club should always apply. Let good taste be your guide. A robe or cover-up and appropriate footwear must be worn at all times when walking between the parking lot, locker rooms, patios, and the swimming pool areas.