Caddie Program

“Nothing more greatly stirred me than Riverside; the adventure was a brilliant plan.”
- Charles “Chick” Evans on his visit to Riverside (Founder of the Evans Scholar Foundation)

As a leader in supporting the Evans Scholar Program, we are committed to youth development.

The caddie program is an integral part of the history and experience at Riverside Golf Club. The members of Riverside have recognized the value of creating, supporting and growing the caddie program.


Caddie Opportunities:

Please contact Karl Bollnow at (708)447-8152 if you are interested in applying for a caddie position.

Chick Evans Scholarship:

The Chick Evans Scholarship is available through the Western Golf Association, which was established in 1899 of which Riverside Golf Club is one of the 10 Charter Member Clubs. Riverside is proud to have 125 caddies to date beginning in 1949 that have been awarded this prestigious scholarship that grants four year full tuition and housing college scholarships to successful caddie applicants. Plus more than 90% of our members donate to the Western Golf Association’s Par Club. Please visit for more information.